Welcome to the Band of Bikers hub.

Lets progress together !

Group Rides

Amazing times to be had! come join our special guided group rides at all parks in Florida

Special Events

Fundraisers, Races, Fat Tire Festivals, We like to be involved is Mountain Biking events throughout the state

Meet The Band

Who are the members of the Band? YOU ARE! come meet the people that help put this rides and fun events together, that includes you!

We live for group rides.

Simple, a group of friends has more fun riding mountain bikes together.

Our rides are tailored for fun, want to haul ass,? sure. Want to chill with the sweep? go for it. Want to lead the ride? yes! This are all possibilities in our group rides we tailor the ride and unique routes for maximum enjoyment on the trail. Let us SHRED!

Markham Park

Virginia Key

Balm Boyette

We live for group rides

You can find us many times at one of our local parks involved in a fun group ride, We have guided rides with certified ride guides for all levels, Novice riders will enjoy a safe ride with knowledgeable leaders and advanced riders can explore more advance trails with fun fast and flowy guidance.

Quiet Waters


Alafia River State Park

Our favorite: NIGHTRIDES!!

We ride Quiet Waters and Markham nightrides regularly and other nightrides on special occasion when allowed, COME RIDE!

Festivals and special events

We love to attend Mountain Bike festivals throughout the state, We would love to create new events and bring mountain bike festivals to our local communities,

Join our chat to connect with mountain bikers in the group


Meet The Band


We have founding members and leaders and a core group that keep this going but we are not about that, We are about you! The mountain biker. Come ride and experience the camaraderie of our group. You are “The Band of Bikers”

Mountain bike Shredmiester.

Loves mountain biking and shredding the gnar.

C.E.O. of eat.ride.sleep.repeat